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Edulink International College – Nairobi

Edulink is not just a college; it is an educational institution that links the bridge between students and professionals in the industry to achieve their goals. Our education system uses the best pedagogical practices and real-time technology to bring out the best in every student. Our industry-validated courses and practical study material is the reason why we are the home of the future-proof career.

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” At Edulink International College, We are building the Strongest Pillars for the future demands globally.

Mr Sudhir Gupta at NIC
Providing Value Education Globally

About Edulink International College Nairobi

Edulink International College Nairobi was established in 2014, and from the year 2015 has been offering a wide range of professional job-oriented courses at the undergraduate level,  leading to a successful career or University degree. Edulink International College supports Kenyan students to achieve their ongoing educational goals, by permitting them to gain a quality international education whilst remaining in Nairobi and therefore benefiting from not having to travel overseas and manage the organization and expense that overseas education entails.

Here are Our Most Enrolled Courses

Why Edulink International College Nairobi?

Edulink is the only name in the region when it comes to providing you with the best, most practical, and most innovative education. Edulink is a life-changing experience for thousands of students who have already taken a leap of faith to be part of the Edulink family. The years of experience we have in this field make us the best in the Education Industry. The Edulink experience is designed to provide students with the right set of skills and knowledge to take on the future with confidence and build the best career prospects.

You Deserve the Best Education

And there is nothing that comes close to Edulink when it comes to futuristic Educational Courses. Here are our academic accreditations that will help you skyrocket your career and make you the best fit for the industry you want to be a part of.

Testimonials by

Our Happiest Students

We take the opportunity to share what our happiest students say about us and how happy they are with what we have provided them in the form of training and learnings of a lifetime.

Edulink Student Testimonial 1
Quality of Education

With the practical approach and personalized guidance, I have been able to gain knowledge that I have never expected. This was only possible with Edulink.

– Amara.

Edulink Student Testimonial 2
Future is here

I was delighted to learn that I didn’t need to travel to the UK for my higher education. In fact, I graduated from a university in the UK and I couldn’t be happier about it. Edulink really made a difference in my life!

– Zora

I found what I am capable of

The world is changing rapidly. The level of education is growing at an incredible pace. To keep up with the changes, you need to be ready to learn constantly and develop new skills. I am glad that I have done this and I am sure that you will do it too.

– Craig

We Know What You Need

We Have the Courses that Have Scopes in Future

Our unique programs are tailored to ensure that our students fit perfectly in the growing demands of various industries around the globe.

Professional Study

We offer lifelong learning opportunities that are designed to provide learners the ability to advance their knowledge and skill-sets and excel in their present and future careers.

World-Class Facilities

Our students have access to exceptional research tools in the UK and Kenya as well as the facilities and infrastructure that support the breadth of their education.

Conducive Learning Environment

The institution is located in an ideal location to support the right learning environment. And we have e-learning courses that have the same strong impact that offline classes have.

Professional Study

We offer lifelong learning opportunities that are designed to provide learners the ability to advance their knowledge and skill-sets and excel in their present and future careers.

We, Will, Help You Every Step Of The Way Toward Your Future

The Institute’s primary focus must continue to be the students we serve. They are the centre of our academic mission, and we owe them our very best.


We will guide you on the available Courses

We know and understand the confusion of selecting the most suitable course from hundreds of different courses available. For this, we will analyze your interests, skills, and knowledge in the field, and then we will recommend the best one for you to go with.


Practical and Personal Approach

There are many reasons why our students always reach the level that they have always dreamt of and one of them is our practical and personalized approach to teaching the skills that you will need as soon as you start your job or your business.


Big challenges and a successful future​

With a global presence in over 3 different destinations and partnered with some of the world’s best educational institutions we are able to provide our students the reach and recognization that they deserve.

Distance Learning Programmes

Some Highlights of Our Happiest Students

Consult our Academic Counselors

We understand that you may have questions, queries, doubts, and confusion. Don’t worry, it is normal, we guarantee that we will solve everything over just a single phone call.