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Application form For Admissions to Edulink International College Nairobi

Details Of Admission Procedure

How To Apply

Candidates who wish to study at Edulink International College Nairobi should complete an online Application Form through the Apply Now link, alternatively, you can request for an Application Form to be sent to you by contacting our Student Admissions Office – admissions@edulink.ac.ke or drop into the college campus.

Offer Of Admission

Once we have received your application form, our Admissions Office will be in contact with you to request documentation and make an assessment and issue a Conditional Offer of Admission. The Conditional Offer Letter is usually issued in duplicate and can be collected from our campus or sent to you via email. Your Conditional Offer Letter will normally be generated within seven (7) days from receiving your application form along with all required documents.

Once you have received your Conditional Offer of Admission, please review the letter carefully. It will outline the program you have been admitted into, the start date, tuition fees application, and key information about orientation and induction. The Conditional Offer Letter will also include information on any academic conditions or documentation conditions that you may need to satisfy before registration. Our Admissions Office can provide you with further information and guidance on this.


Along with your Offer Letter, we will send you further information and contact you from time to time with updates on the admissions process and events which may be helpful to you. However you may think of questions that we have not addressed, so feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries.

Our Admissions Office is your first point of contact for any queries you may have about your application – you will have an admissions contact on your offer letter and this person will be best placed to advise you. Alternatively, you can phone us or email admission@edulink.ac.ke

Most importantly, if you change any of your contact details please inform our Admissions Office immediately.


Once you have accepted your Offer of Admission and have cleared all academic conditions (if any), you should proceed to make a payment for your tuition fees along with the student visa annual fee and visa deposit.

NEW students are advised to complete the visa application forms that can be requested from admission@edulink.ac.ke

Note: To avoid delay with your student visa application, please ensure that all documents are fully completed.

Payment Procedure


Bank Details

Tuition fees must be paid prior to enrolment. You can pay your tuition fees using any of the following payment methods:

  • Cheques are drawn from local banks in Kenyan Shillings (KSH)
  • Banker’s drafts in Kenyan Shillings

Bank draft or an overseas swift transfer/remittance made to:


Account Name: Edulink International College Limited

Account Number: 0217836001

Bank Name: Diamond Trust Bank Limited

Branch: Lavington


  • Go to MPESA and select ‘Payment Service’, then select the ‘Pay Bill’ option.
  • Enter Diamond Trust Bank Pay Bill Number ‘516600’ and press OK.
  • Enter the Bank Account Number ‘0540217836001’
  • Enter the transfer amount and press OK.
  • Enter your MPESA Pin and press OK.
  • Confirm the Pay Bill Number and the Account Number to which you are transferring the funds and the amount being transferred and press OK.
  • You will receive a confirmation indicating the funds have been sent.


Include your full name and application reference number (also called the student number or enrollment number) on all remittances. This reference number is stated in your offer letter. If transfer documents are not in English, a certified translated copy in English is required.


There is a range of different options to spread the cost of your tuition fees.

For more information please get in touch with our admission office – admission@edulink.ac.ke or call +254 20 3866035


All refunds and transfers are at the discretion of the College. Prior to consideration for any refund or transfer, all necessary procedures for withdrawal or interruption of studies must be completed by the student and the student must be recorded as “withdrawn” by the Student Office. To claim a refund or a transfer, requests must be submitted in writing to the Finance Office, along with any necessary supporting documentation.

** Students who are on a University-sponsored Student Visa will be charged in addition to the administrative fee in order to calculate the refund amount. Students who require a Visa Letter from the University will be charged the 1st instalment amount as per the respective payment plan, which will not be refunded.  For students who availed of specific promotions, this refund policy is not applicable. In such cases, you must refer to the terms and conditions of refund that are mentioned in the Offer Letter for Admission.


Edulink International College Nairobi offers medical insurance coverage on a paid basis to new and returning students. The medical insurance we provide offers extensive coverage across hospitals and clinics in Kenya.

Students under the College sponsorship are required to obtain and maintain health insurance.

If you are to be sponsored by Edulink International College Nairobi, the costs of your medical insurance will be included in the Student Visa Package fees. If you are sponsored by your family or employer and wish to avail of our medical insurance services, please contact Admissions for more information at admission@edulink.ac.ke